Modernization of the Krasnograd — Lozovaya section of the Ukrainian Railway

The project of the Krasnograd — Lozovaya section modernization became the first for our company at the Ukrainian railway. It was completed in record time — within 6 months — by the beginning of the main sporting event — the European football championship EURO 2012. The Krasnograd — Lozovaya section of the Ukrainian Railway is a part of the new high speed Kiev — Donetsk line linking two championship host cities, 123 km long. The section was modernized by the EBILock 950 CBI solution based on the R4N central processor, which is adapted for severe weather conditions as can be experienced in the Ukraine and serves as the interface with the automatic blocking system. Our company also provided 16 level crossings, including the first EBIGate 2000 system.

The CTC system for the Chernomorskaya – Beregovaya section of the Ukrainian railway

The project involved equipping the Chernomorskaya - Beregovaya section of the Ukrainian railway with a centralized train system CTC (6 stations).
The project was implemented in 2018 - 2019.