Modernization of the Baku — Beyuk-Kesik corridor. Section I launch.

In 2013 our company signed a contract with CJSC Azerbaijan Railways (with the biggest volume of works in history) to modernize the signaling system of the Kars — Baku railway transport corridor connecting Europe with Asia. The scope of work includes design, production, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the EBILock 950 CBI system at the sections of the Baku — Beyuk-Kesik double-track line with a length of 503 kilometers.
As of today, in December 2019 the specialists of our company launched Section I of the Baku — Beyuk-Kesik railway corridor, 137 km long: 13 stations (368 points), 12 open lines, 27 level crossings, 2 bridges.

The final stage in the completion of work on Section I was the launch of the Ganja station. The Ganja station is the largest CBI station in Azerbaijan — 62 points. The Ganja station, the Alabashly — Ganja open line and 3 level crossings on this section were put into operation in December 2019.

The systems installed: the EBI Lock 950 R4 CBI system, track circuit systems, automatic line block system, axle counter system EBITrack 1800/2000, CTC system controlled from Baku .