A pilot project: modernization of loop № 36 (857-km).

In 2013 our pilot project was launched in Mongolia. The first EBILock 950 CBI system integrated into semi-automatic line block of the adjacent open lines as well as the axle counter system EBITrack 1800 were installed in Gobi desert at loop № 36 (3 points). In 2014-2015 three more loops (№ 31, 39, 41), counting 15 points, were equipped with the EBILock 950 CBI systems.

Modernization of the Trans-Mongolian Railway (The Khoit — Dzamyn‑Uud line)

In 2015 a contract was signed for the modernization of the Trans-Mongolian Railway with a length of 1111 km with the introduction of radio-based line block and CTC. In this unique project, for the first time in the world, radio blocking with moving block sections was introduced over the existing relay interlocking systems. As a result, the capacity of the railway was significantly increased and its reliability and safety were improved.

Volume of works:

  • 1111 km, 67 stations (958 points), 34 level crossings;
  • 3 radio block centers, 5 areas of the Central Processor ( EBILock 950 CBI);
  • 5 dispatcher operational railway telecommunication areas
  • 3971 balises;
  • 118 detector elements of the axle counter system;
  • 40 onboard systems;
  • 240 RUVIO relay object controllers;
  • Educational Center.