Modernization of the Stasilos station

The Stasilos station (5 points) was commissioned in 2011 equipped with the EBILock 950 CBI system.

Modernisation of the Kayshadoris — Radvilishkis section (Project «A»)

11 stations (166 points) and more than 100 km of automatic line blocks were equipped with the EBILock 950 CBI system.
The project implementation period: 2001- 2004.

Modernization of the Kalvaria and Kena stations

The EBILock 950 CBI system was installed at the Kalvaria station (7 points) of Lithuanian railways, as well as at Kena (54 points) — a border station named ‘The Eastern gate of Europe’. This solution considerably increased the capacity on a strategically important section. The initial project was successfully commissioned in 2006. Additional modernization of the Kena station (including 20 more points) with the EBILock 950 CBI system was successfully completed in 2009.