Our presence in Russia has been growing significantly for over twenty years. The demand for our EBILock 950 computer based interlocking (CBI) solution continues to be the main focus for design and innovation in Russia.

Today our EBILock 950 CBI systems are successfully operating at more than 300 stations located on 16 railways, in 30 regions through all the territory in the Russian Federation, controlling more than 9 000 points and 850 km of line block systems.

Our presence across Russia stretches from Kaliningrad to the Far East. The EBILock 950 CBI systems are used at high speed lines Moscow — St. Petersburg and Moscow — Nizhniy Novgorod, at Trans-Siberian main line — a strategic transport corridor.

Large railway junctions such as Verkhniy Baskunchak, Bekasovo, Sverdlovsk Sortirovochniy and Shartash are also operated by EBILock 950 CBI. All commissioned systems are fully adapted to meet the requirements, rules and local instructions of the Russian railways.

Under Russia’s north regional development program we have been contracted to deliver our EBILock 950 CBI solution to the first several stations of this project in Yakutia. High reliability and environmental resilience, ability of our equipment to operate without the need for regular servicing or repair became the main reason for the Yakutian railways decision to select our EBILock 950 CBI for this section.

The Moscow Central Diameters (MCD)

The Moscow Central Diameters (MCD) is the Moscow overground metro. It is a large-scale project launched by the Moscow government to modernize the transport system that was overloaded and could barely cope with its functions. 1520 Signal has developed an algorithm that allows solving problems at turnaround stations and transportation hubs where several approaches meet. The idea of the algorithm is to offset the effects on the succession time that are caused by overlapping routes at turnaround stations, deadlock stations and transportation hubs with several approaches to the station. The developed safety algorithm allows bringing trains closer and sending them to necks faster.

The Moscow Central Diameters use the most advanced functions of the CBI system in order:

  • To implement technical solutions aimed at reducing the succession time between trains along the main routes;

  • To implement technical solutions aimed at reducing the succession time between trains when they enter and leave the storage yard, and when different approaches are crossed;

  • To implement technical solutions aimed at increasing tolerance to failure of train control systems if there are failures of any technical equipment;

  • To implement technical solutions aimed at optimization of CBI installation time in a situation when the reconstruction of stations takes place on an operating line and is only possible during the limited track possession time.

The Moscow Central Circle (MCC)

During modernization of the MCC, our company offered a new complex digital train control system. The system allowed increasing the traffic capacity of stations and safety, reducing the succession time between trains and cutting operational expenses. The stations of a section equipped with the CBI system can be controlled both locally and remotely from any remote control center. The hierarchical structure of the CBI system has three levels:

  • LCSS and FEU;

  • Central Processing Unit;

  • Object Controller System.


Such a structure of the system made it possible to integrate all the functions of dispatcher interlocking thanks to the software adaptation and installation of additional equipment into the CTC, whilst keeping the CBI hardware. The proposed approach eliminated additional costs for the CBI interface with CTC of different types (field stations of CTC are excluded), reduced operational costs due to the unified technical solutions and unified technology for equipment maintenance used during the implementation of the project.

The power of one central processor allows controlling stations with up to 1500 points, and the channeling equipment of digital data transmission ensures the required distances between objects without limitations.

The integration of automatic line block and CTC into the CBI system and their implementation on a single hardware platform made it possible:

  • To apply the most advanced digital train control technologies;

  • To increase the level of safety;

  • To reduce capital and operational expenses;

  • To reduce the succession time between trains.


The Denisovskiy station — Sakha Republic (Yakutia)

As of today we have equipped 14 stations (235 points) with the EBILock 950 CBI system in Yakutia.

The Denisovskiy station (19 points) is the first pilot project in the Yakutian Railway equipped with the EBILock 950 CBI solution. The Denisovskiy station is a part of the railway line Berkakit — Tommot — Yakutsk. In order to avoid negative consequences from possible theft of rails and derailment of isolated joints there was used for the first time the axle counter system SOL-21/RUS EBITrack 1800, capable to sustain extreme temperatures up to minus 60 degree, instead of track circuits. The EBILock 950 CBI system has been successfully implemented in severe conditions of the North of Russia.