The Resnik — Valjevo section modernization

In June 2016 our company together with RZD International LLC entered the Serbian market by starting modernization of signaling equipment at the Resnik — Valevo section of the Belgrad — Bar line with a length of 77 km that is a part of the Trans-European transport network. This line had not been reconstructed for 40 years since it was put into operation. The aim of our company was to restore the current relay system, to introduce 2 new local control supervisory systems (LCSS), 2 axle counter systems, point machines and 3 more new level crossings. The project was successfully implemented in November 2017.

Modernization of the depot and passenger station Zemun

The 1520 Group of Companies continues participating in the implementation of a large-scale project for the comprehensive modernization of the railway station and passenger train depots of the technical and passenger station (TPS) Zemun in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia.

Technical and passenger station Zemun is an integral part of the Belgrade railway hub. Construction of the Zemun station began in 1977 in the namesake district of New Belgrade. It was opened in 1981, although, according to the project, its construction was not finished. The main customer of the new project is the state operator of passenger rail transport in Serbia «Srbija Voz». The General contractor for the modernization project of the entire TPS Zemun facility is a consortium — a part of the largest construction company in Serbia «Energoproject Visokogradnja» and the French company «Colas Rail».

The project provides for a full reconstruction and modernization of TPS Zemun, which includes 110 railway points. The project aims to create additional capacity to ensure uninterrupted traffic and maintenance of new EMUs and classic passenger cariages carried on locomotive traction, as well as to reduce the empty carriage traffic on the X Trans-European transport corridor and in the vicinity of Belgrade.

As part of the project, 14,000 square meters of facilities will be constructed and 19,000 square meters fully reconstructed. An important point is that the project will be implemented without stopping the of trains traffic through Zemun station.

The company «1520 Signal», which is part of the 1520 Group of companies supplies and implements the «EBI Lock 950» computer-based interlocking system and other necessary data security systems together with its Serbian partner — the company «Institut «Mihajlo Pupin». The project uses technical solutions, including products manufactured on the basis of the licensed production within the framework of international cooperation, as well as developments of the 1520 Group of Companies.