Modernization of sections of the north-south corridor between Kazakhstan and Iran (passes through the territory of Turkmenistan)

In 2014, our company won an international tender to complete the construction of the 1520 mm gauge line (near the border with Iran), which is a part of a new 686 km corridor between Kazakhstan and Iran. Three sections of the corridor were equipped with the EBILock 950 CBI system, semi-automatic line block, CTC, ATP system and track circuits:

  • Chilmamet — Bukhun (12 stations; 87 points; 290.8 km of automated line block (ALB-E));
  • Khazar — Serrhityaka (4 stations; 24 points; 102.0 km of automated line block (ALB-E));
  • Bereket — Etrek (8 stations; 104 points; 235.7 km of automated line block (ALB-E));
Launch dates: 2016-2018.