News on the Tram Signaling Solution

News on the Tram Signaling Solution

On October 15, a significant event took place for the Signaling Division of the 1520 Group of Companies represented by the companies 1520 Signal Ltd., CyberTech-Signal Ltd. and Stalenergo Company Ltd. The 1st stage of trial operation in terms of equipping point machines with tram signaling devices was successfully completed in Moscow.

Based on the results of the trial operation, the signaling devices showed its high reliability and efficiency and were approved for use at Moscow transport infrastructure facilities.

At the same time, the Act was signed on the beginning of the 2nd stage of tram automation, with an electric drive of 600 volts DC and a set of signaling means for driverless switch of points along the route.

We congratulate the project team of specialists with this success. This achievement is the key to a new direction of the company’s development!