East. Point of attraction.

East. Point of attraction.

As a part of government task on modernizing the Eastern test site, Russian Railway commissioned a new large-scale project “East. Point of Attraction”.

The assignment to develop national program for developing Far East until 2025 was given by President Vladimir Putin in September 2018.

Companies of Signaling Group 1520 are on forefront of implementing large-scale infrastructure projects to modernize Eastern test site and continue work on reequipping railway automation and telemechanics equipment and equipping the station Bolshoy Lug — Slyudanka section of East Siberian railway with innovative microprocessor centralization system CBI-EC.

It is a pilot project for the comprehensive modernization of the railway infrastructure of the Eastern test site, where technical solutions are being developed to increase the capacity of the Trans-Siberian Railway for further use on the Ussuriisk-Nakhodka section of Far Eastern Railway and the implementation of «East. Point of attraction» project.

On March 16 the first stage was successfully implemented: 2 stations and a checkpoint were launched:

Station Slyudanka II (43 arrows) — CBI-EC

Station Angasolka (20 arrows) — CBI-EC

Checkpoint 5297 km (4 arrows) — CBI-EC

We thank everyone involved!

Soon we expect two more important launch stages ahead. We wish the engineering team good luck. We will inform you about all changes and new launches.