The 20th Anniversary of the First CBI System in Russia.

The 20th Anniversary of the First CBI System in Russia.

In June 2020, 1520 Signal Ltd. celebrated the 20th anniversary since the commissioning of the first-ever computer-based interlocking system on the railway network of the Russian Railways.

The first facility that was equipped with the CBI EBILock 950 system was the Kalashnikovo station on the Moscow – St. Petersburg railway line. The preliminary commissioning took place in July 1999, then, following the results of the trial operation, the system was commissioned and was admitted for application on other railway networks. The CBI EBILock 950 system symbolized the new era in the field of automation and telecommunication of the Russian railways, by giving impetus to the implementation of modern computer-based systems across signaling devices.

The design documentation of the Kalashnikovo station laid the basis for generic solutions, which in the future allowed deploying the system on the railway network of the Russian Federation and beyond. Subsequently, hundreds of algorithms of the CBI operation with different signaling systems and subsystems have been created.

The test of time showed that it was the right decision to switch to modern computer-based interlocking systems!

1520 Signal has successfully equipped more than 440 stations on the railway infrastructure of the Russian Federation and beyond with CBI systems (more than 10 950 points, 1870 of automation line block and 1700 km of radio block), which is almost half of the total number of stations equipped with computer-based control systems on the infrastructure of JSC RZD. Having once become the pioneer in the field of computer-based interlocking systems in the post-Soviet area, the company is still the market leader by the volume of implementations and by the level of sophistication of our technology.

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