Round Table Hosted by the “Gudok” Publishing House

Round Table Hosted by the “Gudok” Publishing House

On August, 20 in the “Gudok” Publishing House hosted a Round Table event that was devoted to the topic “Signaling Systems on the Railway Transport. Efficiency. Safety. Innovations. ” and which was attended by the representatives of the central office and field-specific departments of JSC RZD and other representatives, manufacturers and suppliers of signaling systems. Our company was represented by the Executive Director – Sergey Esyrev.  The discussion was also joined by the representatives of Elteza JSC – Evgeny Goman and Sergey Fursov , as well as by the representatives of Radioavionika JSC, Locotech Signal Ltd.,  Energiya JSC, Research and Development Company Promelectronica JSC, etc.

The participants of the Round Table discussed a variety of topics including the development, implementation and operation of modern signaling and communication systems on railways. In addition, the experts reviewed the peculiarities of the application of signal-free train traffic technologies, vectors of developments of computer-based traffic systems and maintenance optimization of signaling equipment.
The head of Signaling Directorate of Central Governing Office of JSC RZD — Valeriy Anoshkin highlighted the importance of the computer-based systems development. «As cargo capacity increases there is a growing demand for infrastructure maintenance, and the Signaling Directorate tries to do everything possible to minimize the time required for this process» — the speaker said.
According to Valeriy Anoshkin, the modern signaling systems promote active transfer to one-driver locomotive control. In the long run, according to the speaker, the industry will use driverless control, and it is an undeniable fact. At the end of the discussion, the participants concluded that the close collaboration of signaling manufacturers will make it possible to solve current tasks and develop new technologies for uninterruptable train traffic.

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