CBI-EC on electro depot Sokol

CBI-EC on electro depot Sokol

On April 9, 2021, the CBI-EC system of microprocessor-based centralization of switches and traffic lights was successfully put into operation on the Sokol depot (57 switches) of the Moscow Metro.

This is a very important milestone both for Signaling division and in the history of Moscow metro, for which CBI-EC system became the first microprocessor system in metro to be put into operation!

CBI-EC equipped with the most up to date integrated system of increasing cyber security, which provides connection to a remote workstation and guarantees the protection of the internal network from cyber-attacks from external data transmission networks, addressing all modern challenges.

The uninterrupted movement of trains with extremely small intervals of passing travel, typical for the Moscow metro, with a large passenger traffic, is in itself a safety factor. Therefore, CBI-EC architecture for subway is designed to ensure the highest level of readiness due to the hot backup of all its components including object controllers, data transmission channels and electronic equipment of track circuits.

Electric depot with wagon repair manufacture has been operating since 1938. Sokol serves trains on the Zamoskvoretskaya, Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya and Koltsevaya metro lines. After the reconstruction, the depot will be able to receive up to 28 trains for night stay.

We are grateful to all employees of the company «1520 Signal» LLC who took part in the launch of Sokol depot, including those on night shifts and on weekends.

We express special thanks to the project manager Alexandr Dmitrenko and to the team that directly carried out the launch.