Modernization of the Eastern Polygon is on the way

Modernization of the Eastern Polygon is on the way

Specialists of the Signaling Division of 1520 GC have upgraded the train control system at the Taishet station (134 points) of the Eastern-Siberian railway, the starting point of the BAM. The work is part of Russian Railways JSC program for the development of the Eastern Polygon.

In view of the track development adjustment, new points and traffic lights were included in the control system of the Taishet station, and the software was updated.

Last year the Signaling Division introduced the Russian-made digital computer-based interlocking system at this facility - CBI-E.

This set of measures will increase the efficiency of the equipment and reduce operating costs.

The Taishet station is a major railway hub at the junction of the Baikal-Amur, Trans-Siberian and Kuzbass lines. The reconstruction of the station will ensure the growth of cargo traffic in the direction of the Far East.