By digital diameter

By digital diameter

The next station of the future MCD-4 - Tolstopaltsevo – has been switched to digital control. Russian signaling system will control points and signals, build train routes. 

The personnel will be able to perform all operations and control the equipment through a computer.

The digital “stuffing” is protected from intruders by the cybersecurity system.

At the station, our specialists:

 • installed the CBI-EL computer-based interlocking system - it was developed and produced by the Signaling Division 1520 GC;

• installed a digital line block system;

• replaced the wayside devices; 

• built a transportable module, where they mounted all the equipment.

Digitalization increases the capacity of lines, reduces train intervals and operating costs. The plans are to equip the entire fourth diameter with the computer-based interlocking systems.

Digitalization of the Tolstopaltsevo station is not the first step towards inclusion it in the MCD-4. The station was reconstructed by OSC from 1520 GC: they built a new platform and an underground vestibule with elevators and escalators.