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Surge Overvoltage Protection System

Protection of computer-based signaling systems from surge and switching overvoltage is crucially important not only in regions with high thunderstorm activity but on any railways because it allows to significantly reduce or even eliminate the risk of failures in operation at a stroke of lightning or overvoltage caused by switching in high-voltage power networks (including traction network).


  • Surge overvoltage protection devices (SPDs) are able to withstand a part of lightning impulse 10/350 µs (microseconds) that corresponds to devices tested for I class.

  • SPDs are a part of an integrated signaling system at the stations.

  • Split design of the SPDs (modules and a basic unit) allows removing protection modules for their testing and replacement without switching off the CBI.

  • Portable testing devices of SPDs, supplied to the stations, provide an express on-site check of the equipment.

  • Periodic checks allow detecting failures and pre-failure conditions of surge overvoltage protection equipment in order to perform timely replacements.


For many years 1520 Signal has been implementing the technical solutions that are designed to protect the CBI system. The protection system designed by our engineers has not only undergone all the relevant tests in special laboratories to comply with the STO RZD 08.024 – 2015 (СТОРЖД 08.024 – 2015) requirements, but also withstood the test of time on Russian Railways.


The lightening protection system by 1520 Signal has shown an excellent operational performance that allows considering it one of the most reliable and easy-to-use systems on Russian Railways. The health monitoring system of the SPD displays information on Local Control and Supervisory System (LCSS). Not only SPDs included in the CBI protection system can be connected to it, but also other SPDs with the monitoring function installed to protect other equipment at the stations. As the requirements for protection systems increase, the new regulatory documentation develops new optimized compact solutions that are resistant to even heavier influences. They are tested in the company's laboratories and in independent laboratories before being put into trial operation.