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Reliability specialist (RAM engineer)

1520 Signal

Letchika Babushkina str., estate 1, bld. 2


Work experience requirement: 1–3 years


    • To be responsible for efficiency, reliability and security of the products that are being developed or implemented by the company;

    • To be responsible for the implementation of the most advanced technologies available in the field for constant monitoring and improvement of RAM characteristics;

    • To develop and implement new analysis methods that can be applied along with conventional methods;

    • To run full deployment of the RAM process all the way through for our current projects and new tenders, including:

    • Formation of the safety requirements in technical specifications for development;

    • Calculation of reliability projections at the design stage;

    • Development of programs (methodologies) for endurance tests;
      Development of technical specification sections in respect of reliability issues;

    • Calculation of reliability parameters according to operational statistic data;

    • Calculation of reliability parameters for certification of conformance of the output products;

    • Preparation of reports on reliability calculation results;

    • Verification of controlled reliability parameters based on the results of under-control operation;

    • Development and implementation of reliability assurance program (development stage)/ participation in development and implementation of reliability assurance programs (design stage and operational stage);

    • Control of RAM operation and resources within a project starting from the tender stage up to the commissioning stage, as well as on the warranty stage (in cooperation with engineering and production departments, clients, regulatory authorities, associate contractors, suppliers, etc.);

    • To be the key person in charge of the RAM issues in a project;

    • To assist in the development of technical solutions, which correspond to the required RAM characteristics of products and standards that are being used;

    • Use all the necessary program and methodological tools to carry out RAM analysis.


    • Working hours: Mon-Fri, 9 am – 6 pm/ 8 am – 5 pm;
    • Employment in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation;
    • Private medical insurance after the probation period;
    • Pre-paid mobile phone.


    • A technical degree of one of the leading Moscow universities (BMSTU, MAI, MPEI, RUT (MIIT), MISiS, MEPhI, MIPT);

    • English knowledge - Intermediate;
      At least 2 years of experience;
      Experience in system reliability assessment, preferably in the railway industry;

    • Major in Math and Engineering;

    • Computer literacy. An experienced user of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook);

    • Software practical skills for reliability calculation;

    • Knowledge of specification requirements for reliability and failure-free operation (GOST 27.301, GOST 33432, GOST R 27.301, GOST Р 51901, EN 50126);

    • Knowledge of reliability theory of technical systems and calculation methods;

    • Expertise in the calculation of reliability parameters (failure-free performance, maintainability);

    • Expertise in test planning in accordance with regulatory documents;
    • Expertise in analyzing types and consequences of potential failures (FMEA/FMECA).