Innovative Intelligent Train Management System

Innovative Intelligent Train Management System

An article «Innovative Intelligent Train Management System» has been published in «Railways of the World» magazine (№ 11). The authors are the employees of the 1520 Signaling Division companies:

Evgeniy Pavlov, Deputy General Director for Business Development, 1520 Signal Ltd., PhD in Engineering,

Alexey Perov, Head of Industrial Systems Information Security Department, CyberTech-Signal Ltd.,

Andrey Kalinkin, Head of the Automation Department, CyberTech-Signal Ltd.

Mikhail Fomin, Technical Director, CyberTech-Signal Ltd..

The intelligent system of train traffic management is a part of the RAIL TMS family, which unites the automated dispatch control systems for train traffic. It was developed by the specialists of the GC 1520 Signaling Division who took under consideration the experience of using similar technical solutions in Russia and a number of European countries.

RAIL TMS technology allows optimizing train traffic control at the scale of individual lines as well at polygons using modern technologies such as neural networks and machine learning. As a result, the efficiency of the transport corridors is maximized, continuity and safety of the transportation process is ensured.

The intelligent module (IM) is the most innovative component of the RAIL TMS system. It uses artificial intelligence technologies to mange, optimize and schedule train traffic.

Thanks to the IM, it becomes possible to use traffic schedule optimization methods, that make it possible in the shortest time and with a high degree of reliability to build as accurately as possible the predictive and planned schedules, as well as optimize the process of constructing standard and variant schedules.

Individual elements of the RAIL TMS system (schedule management system) are successfully used on the Trans-Mongolian highway with a length of more than 1100 km with 68 stations.

At present, the RAIL TMS system is being implemented on the Zhetygen-Altynkol line of the Kazakhstan Railways. It is planned to put it into operation by the end of 2021.

One can read the full version of the article  in magazine " Railways of the World" No. 11