Increasing the level of the CBI information security

Increasing the level of the CBI information security

The "Automation, Communication and Informatics" magazine (the ASI-RZD) for December 2020 published an article "Increasing the level of the CBI information
security", which was written by the head of the automated work station department (AWS) of 1520 Signal Ltd. Semyon Grigorenko and by our colleagues from JSC ELTEZA, that is part of the Signaling Division of the 1520 Group of Companies.

The article tells about the development of an integrated cybersecurity system (KSPK-EL) by the above-mentioned companies together with JSC NIIAS and Positive Technologies Ltd. The description of the system, its functions, capabilities and advantages are presented in the article.

The development of the cybersecurity system (KSPK-EL) is especially acute due to the high rates of information threats. Tests within the frame of the certification for information security requirements have proved that it guarantees security of the internal CBI network from cyber-attacks from external data transmission systems as well as from malevolent software connected from external media.

In 2017 at the Izberdey station of the South-Eastern Railway the cybersecurity system (KSPK-EL) together with the CBI MPTs-EL successfully passed the trial operation. At the Fryazino station of the Moscow Railway, operational tests of the system have been carried out together with the RBI RS-RPTs-EL and the CBI EBILock 950 systems.

The production of the cybersecurity system has already started at the Lossinoostrovskiy Factory, a branch of JSC ELTEZA.

Currently, more than 40 infrastructure facilities of the Russian Railways have already been provided with the cybersecurity system.