Give Way to Coal of Khakassia

An article "Give Way to Coal of Khakassia" of our PR Director  Elena Aleshina has been issued in Gugok (№240 from 29/12/21). We are publishing it in full here.

«1520 Signal» Company, part of 1520 Group of Companies, is implementing a large-scale project at the industrial transport object of Khakassia. The customer is JSC "Otdelenije Vnutrenney Ekspluatatsii «(JSC «OVE») (EN + Group).

The Beyskoye coal deposit is the most promising coal area in Russia in terms of the coal volume. The deposit is included in the governmental program for the development of the coal industry of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030.

Innovative Intelligent Train Management System

An article «Innovative Intelligent Train Management System» has been published in «Railways of the World» magazine (№ 11). The authors are the employees of the 1520 Signaling Division companies:

Evgeniy Pavlov, Deputy General Director for Business Development, 1520 Signal Ltd., PhD in Engineering,

Alexey Perov, Head of Industrial Systems Information Security Department, CyberTech-Signal Ltd.,

Andrey Kalinkin, Head of the Automation Department, CyberTech-Signal Ltd.

Mikhail Fomin, Technical Director, CyberTech-Signal Ltd..

Developments of the 1520 Signaling Division at the "PRO//Motion. Expo

In October specialized issue of the ASI magazine, there was published an article written by the press-service of 1520 Signal Ltd. «Developments of the 1520 Signaling Division at the «PRO//Motion. Expo ». The article is based on the results of the fiftieth anniversary of the international railway salon of the 1520 area.

Increasing the level of the CBI information security

The "Automation, Communication and Informatics" magazine (the ASI-RZD) for December 2020 published an article "Increasing the level of the CBI information
security", which was written by the head of the automated work station department (AWS) of 1520 Signal Ltd. Semyon Grigorenko and by our colleagues from JSC ELTEZA, that is part of the Signaling Division of the 1520 Group of Companies.

Journal of the Metro Association


The article reviews a range of services in the field of railway signaling construction and signaling system adaptation for all kinds of railway transport. The systems that have been developed and are now in production are listed in the article along with their major advantages and their implementation areas. The main directions for further development are described.