The launch of the Vanino station. Park Novyj rajon.

The launch of the Vanino station. Park Novyj rajon.

An innovative computer-based system CBI-EL produced by the Signaling Division of 1520 Group of Companies was put into operation at the Vanino station. The Park Novyj rajon on March 23. 124 objects of point control (points + heads) were included in the dependency

The station is located on the Komsomolsk - Sortirovochny - Vanino Port section, it is portside. The works were implemented within the project "Development of the Vanino - Sovgavan railway hub".

Domestic equipment adapted to the harsh climatic conditions of the region, with built-in cybersecurity and lightning protection increases the capacity of the line, its reliability and safety, simplifies technical support and system maintenance. The modernization of train traffic control systems at the Vanino-Sovgavan railway hub is part of a large-scale Russian Railways project to develop the infrastructure of the Eastern Polygon (BAM and Transsib) as well as an important step towards the technological independence of our country in terms of improving the efficiency of railway lines.

For reference: Vanino is an international seaport - the largest transport hub of the Khabarovsk Territory, linking together railway, sea and road communication routes. Vanino has access to the both of the largest domestic railways: Transsib and BAM.The favorable geographical location of the port opens the closest access to the sea for cargo coming from the west along the Baikal-Amur and Trans-Siberian railway. Vanino supplies cargo to the northeastern regions of Russia, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, the USA and other countries of the Asia-Pacific region. The main export categories of goods in Vanino have always been timber, oil and coal. The main import cargo remains foreign alumina for aluminum production. In the 21st century, the port is being repurposed for the export of coal, in connection with which it is being significantly expanded beyond the Vanina Bay and intensive construction of transport and production facilities.