New Commissioning in Azerbaijan: Evlakh and Gabala stations

New Commissioning in Azerbaijan: Evlakh and Gabala stations

The modernization of the II section - Ganja-Ujar - in Azerbaijan is underway.

In the period from 09 to11 December 2020, the Yevlakh station (36 points) and the Yevlakh-Lyaki open line (19 km.) were commissioned.
The commissioned facilities are equipped with the CBI EBILock 950 system with a high-performance central processor of the new generation R4N and integrated CBI systems for automatic line blocking, level crossing and axle counting. The system of the ABSO-E type with the centralized placement of the equipment provides train traffic control on the open lines. The control of the APS-E automatic level crossing equipment is also performed by the standard EBILock 950 object controllers.
Also, in the period from 14 to 15 December 2020, the Gabala station (4 points), the crossing loop 20 km (2 km), the Laki - Gabala– crossing loop 20 km (17 km), the crossing loop 20 km - Laki (21.5 km) open lines were commissioned. The railway lines are equipped with the semi-automatic line block system Semi-ALB-E integrated into the CBI. This is the first application of this system at Azerbaijan Railways.
We would like to thank Konstantin Podorozhnyak and the team for their work and devotion:

1520 Signal (Branch in Azerbaijan):

Medvedev Konstantin
Kornienko Sergey
Arkabaev Almas

1520 Signal (Moscow):

Krasnikov Maxim
Bredikhin Evgeny
Mayorov Denis
Milikov Maxim
Rybakov Anton

BT Signal Astana (Kazakhstan):

Drobzhev Alexander
Drobzhev Gennady
Smagulov Nurlan