Technical Visit of the Delegation of RZD and RZD International Companies

Technical Visit of the Delegation of RZD and RZD International Companies

On May 25, a delegation of the International cooperation department of «RZD» JSC and «RZD International» Ltd., headed by General Director — Sergey Stolyarov, visited the production facilities of 1520 Signaling Division.

Representatives of the delegation, together with the management of the companies of the Signaling Division, visited the workshops and laboratories of the companies of the Division.

During the visit, the delegation got acquainted with the innovative developments of the 1520 Signaling Division:

— The Intelligent Train Management System (Rail TMS) — automatic dispatching system with artificial intelligence algorithms, which builds a digital simulation model of the section and the movement of various types of rolling stock, taking into account all dynamic changes.

— The Unified Digital Onboard Safety Platform BSB-E is a modular software and hardware platform designed to implement on its basis various onboard railway control and monitoring systems for railway equipment. It is planned to be introduced on the 1520 area of the railway network this year.

— A unique technology of a new generation, developed on completely domestic components —The CBI-EL-20 System. It allows you to automate the management of the transportation process to the maximum, which significantly increases the efficiency of railway lines.

— The Tonal Track Circuits equipment

The participants of the meeting assessed the export potential of the products of 1520 Group of Companies, discussed the issues of interaction between all the companies, joint development of existing as well as potential areas of cooperation and entry into new markets.