Launch of the Vorsino Station

Launch of the Vorsino Station

Companies of the 1520 Signaling Division continue to participate in the modernization of the Russian railways in order to increase their efficiency and safety.

On June 05 2022, the CBI-EL computer-based interlocking system was successfully put into operation at the station Vorsino (46 points) of the Moscow Railway.

Vorsino is not only a railway station, but also a unique industrial park with a large-scale transport and logistics complex, including a large wagon sorting station. After the creation of the Kaluga-Dalian international logistics corridor in 2016 and the launch of the «New Silk Road» project, a train runs between the Vorsino station and the Chinese port of Dalian. The developing railway transport highway connects the rapidly growing region of Northeast Asia with consumers and partners in Europe through the territory of Russia. Vorsino is becoming a key link in the international logistics chain, acting as a major cargo processing and distribution point on the way from Asia to Europe.

The CBI-EL, installed at the station, is the first domestic computer-based interlocking system, which implements a wide range of solutions for rail transport.

We thank the team of employees of the Signaling Division  involved in the launch.