Digitalization of Kazakhstan Railways is Underway

Digitalization of Kazakhstan Railways is Underway

On May 14, 2022, specialists from BT Signal (Kazakhstan), 1520 Signal Ltd. and Stalenergo Ltd., which are part of the 1520 Signaling Division, implemented another international project on the railway network of National Company Kazakhstan Temir Zholy JSC.

At Crossing loop 19 (19 points) and Crossing loop 20 (New, 18 points), the CBI-EBILock 950 computer-based interlocking system was installed, which had been successfully implemented by our specialists in Kazakhstan since 2010, when just in 3 months this system was put into operation on Yeginsu station, restored as soon as possible after a severe flood.

The following sections: Crossings loop 19 — Crossing loop 20 and Crossing loop 20 — The Dostyk station were equipped with the ATP-E (automatic locomotive signaling) system. Now the train traffic is managed by the signals of locomotive traffic lights, and the separate boarders are the designated block sections.

At Crossings loop 19 and Crossings loop 20 fleet communication equipment of Stalenergo company was installed in order to provide more efficient management of the operation of the crossing loops. The same crossing loops and open lines were equipped with the digital track circuit monitoring module with automatic signal level control DM TCC of Stalenergo company.

This is the first implementation of ATP-E using the equipment of the DM TCC on the railway network of Kazakhstan.

We keep up with the times and introduce modern equipment in areas with high traffic intensity, which allows us to increase the capacity and efficiency of the railway line.

We congratulate our team of professionals on a successful launch, which is especially significant and valuable in a challenging geopolitical situation.